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Discover NYC
and Manhattan
Like Never Before

Explore 350 Sites
with this Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

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   About the Book

Do you want to be a part of it, New York, New York? Then here’s your chance. Get this book to discover more than 350 reasons that Manhattan is the top of the world.  Decipher the clues to the find the place where Bebop was born. Or take a sip at the tavern where Lincoln and Grant were patrons. Stand atop the most famous subway grate in movie history. Experience the drama of Broadway (theaters and books). Or find a special just for butterflies. 


In each of the 15 sections of this scavenger hunt book, there are at least 23 clues to unlock.  Each clue includes a four-line riddle, an illustration and a photograph that is typically a close-up of part of a building or site that can be seen from the street or sidewalk -- except for a few indoor places that never sleep (that’s a hint right there!). 

Use this book with friends, family, classmates or guests to enhance your New York City experiences. Explore famous sites in Greenwich Village, Central Park or Soho or discover the remarkable stories and taste the incredible food in Harlem, Chinatown or Little Italy. If your focus is on pop culture, cultural history or museums, re-assemble the clues to create your own tour.

Author, travel writer and playwright/lyricist R.C. Staab walked every Manhattan neighborhood from Battery Park to Inwood and from river to river to set you on this one-of-kind journey to embrace the nation’s tallest skyscrapers, world-class museums, mouth-watering restaurants, celebrated statues, unusual streets and homes and decorative subway stations. Once you embark on this epic scavenger hunt to discover the most famous island in all the world, you’ll be able to brag about it like any good New Yorker would do.

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